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E-Waste Recycling Law Provisions Take Effect  

Provisions of a new state law to end the environmentally harmful disposal of computers and televisions in our state’s landfills have recently taken effect.

Starting in 2013, the “Covered Devices Recycling Act” will make it illegal to throw out unwanted televisions, computers and computer-related devices with other solid waste.

The act is designed to keep hazardous chemicals contained in televisions and computers from contaminating our environment and encourage retailers, manufacturers and consumers to properly dispose of these unwanted items.

Under the new law, television and computer manufactures are now currently required to come up with new opportunities for consumers to recycle electronics instead of trashing them.

To learn more, see the following link: http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/business/s_719440.html

Pennsylvania's Coverage Devices Recycling Act
Pennsylvania joins 23 other states that have adopted similar laws
to ensure the proper disposal of televisions and computer
equipment—dubbed “e-waste”—that contain hazardous materials.

Consumers must:

  • Dispose of devices at collection sites starting January 2013

Manufacturers must:

  • Register annually with state covered devices to be sold in Pennsylvania and pay $5,000 fee
  • Set up and submit to state plans to collect and recycle devices
  • Report total weight of devices sold and recycled each year

Retailers must:

  • Sell only devices manufacturers register with the state, effective January 2012
  • Display in stores how consumers can recycle devices

State Department of Environmental Protection must:

  • Assess manufacturers’ recycling plans
  • Post on its website a list of approved manufacturers and retailers
  • Post list of collection sites for consumers to drop device

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