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Our 6-Point Plan to Create Jobs and Streamline Government


       I, along with my fellow Senate Democrats, have unveiled “PA Works” – a 6-point plan that has potential to spur the creation of tens of thousands of jobs in Pennsylvania. PA Works will reduce state spending by $150 million while giving businesses incentive to make significant community investments.

       Over the past several months, Senate Democrats have stressed the need to work aggressively to bring more jobs to Pennsylvania. While aware of the trying budget process, which awaits the legislature in the coming weeks, all members of the Democratic caucus agree that jobs must remain the number one priority in Harrisburg.

       We know that there is a move afoot to make significant cuts as we approach a daunting budget shortfall. We understand the reality we face, but we feel we must continue to remind our colleagues of the role job growth plays in our recovery. It is imperative that we continue to look at the big picture and make wise investments in our future to speed our economic recovery in Pennsylvania.

       Our plan focuses on 6 key areas: Small Business, Workforce Training, Critical State Investments, Clean and Green Energy, Infrastructure Investment, and Tax Fairness.

       PA Works uses innovative ideas that will spur job creation, promote a business-friendly environment, and expand business opportunity. Senate Democrats believe every issue and every decision made in the coming months should be gauged by its impact on job creation and retention.

       PA Works was crafted to avoid new spending where possible and to increase efficiency and eliminate redundancy in state government.

       PA Works will spur the creation of over 28,000 jobs and leverage over $2 billion in new private investment. It will also result in more than $150 million in general fund savings.

       In the coming weeks, members of the Senate Democratic Caucus and I will be visiting communities across the state to further explain our plan and to answer any questions that you may have.

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