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Urgent Call - Save adultBasic NOW


Your help is needed NOW to prevent 42,000 Pennsylvanians, 4,200 of whom live in Allegheny County, from losing their health insurance on Monday, February 28th.

       Senate Democrats have been pushing hard to keep the adultBasic program in operation.

       I wrote letters to caucus leaders in both the House and Senate – asking Republicans and Democrats to come together to find a solution. When that plea was ignored, Senate Democrats crafted our own plan to provide bridge funding for adultBasic and extend the program to the next budget year.

       On Tuesday of this week, we presented our plan to insurance industry representatives and detailed how we could save adultBasic in the short term and give lawmakers time to devise a more permanent solution.

       The plan called for the state to contribute $25 million for this year; plan subscribers would have their premiums increased enough to produce $4 million; and, state health insurers were asked to contribute a total of $25 million among the nine providers.

       But now Monday’s cutoff deadline looms and your help is desperately needed.

adultBasicCall Governor Corbett NOW at
and tell him to Save AdultBasic!

       Also tell the governor that his “Special Care” alternative would just cost much more and provide far less coverage.

       You can also join others concerned about the possible end of adultBasic by attending a candle-light vigil outside the Governor's Mansion, 2035 N. Front Street in Harrisburg on Monday, February 28th at 5:30 pm.

       The adultBasic coverage means life or death for thousands of Pennsylvanians. Please help us save it.

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