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Senate Ready to Make Changes to Draconian House Republican Budget


      With the June 30th state budget deadline drawing near, I, along with other leaders in the Senate, have been negotiating to soften the deep and destructive reductions set forth by House Republicans in the budget which they passed and sent to us last month. The next few weeks will be a critical period where we must make our case for funding restorations for programs which are so important to middle and working class families, children, the elderly, small business owners, job-seekers, and many others who stand to be harmed by the drastic reductions. The work to make changes has already begun. My colleagues in the Senate Democratic Caucus and I have outlined the areas we feel restorations must be made:

Key Restorations

      On Tuesday, Senate Democrats gathered in the Capitol Rotunda to call for restorations to education and other vital programs. We also believe that a fair fee on natural gas drillers needs to be a part of the budget discussion. Click here to read my remarks.

      We believe that the reductions are too draconian in light of recent events in Pennsylvania. We have a revenue surplus expected to climb to $600,000 by the end of the fiscal year. Senate Democrats have also pinpointed upwards of a billion dollars in cost savings and efficiencies in already-existing programs. Bearing this all in mind, it is neither fair nor necessary for the governor and House Republicans to insist on such draconian cuts.

43rd District Weighs In on Budget Reductions

Townhall Meeting

      I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who attended one of the Town Hall Meetings we held throughout the 43rd District to discuss your budget concerns. Your input is very valuable to me, and I also hope that you were able to gain information and insight from the meeting as well. As always, my staff and I continue to welcome your input and answer your questions at any of my district offices as well as through www.senatorcosta.com.

PA Senate Budget: Voice Your Opinion

      There is still an opportunity for you to share your budget stories and weigh in on the discussion. Visit www.pasenate.com.


Stay Connected

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