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Senator Jay CostaOn this Memorial Day, like so many before, Americans set aside time to remember those who have put their lives on the line and perished defending our liberty. From far away shores to battles closer to home, Americans have stood tall and fought bravely. On this Memorial Day we honor their memory and recall their sacrifices.

Today, our men and women are still engaged in battles far away. In Afghanistan and other places around the world our young men and women are keeping freedom's torch lit. Some will not return. Those heroes will join the long pantheon of heroes who have served our country and stood in harm's way.

Below please find a beautifully written piece about Memorial Day delivered by President Harry S. Truman. In your prayers remember those who have perished defending our freedom and way of life.

Join me in praying for those men and women who served so bravely.

President Harry S. Truman
May 23, 1952, Memorial Day Statement

President Harry S. Truman Memorial Day has been traditionally a day of prayer for those Americans who have died in the defense of their country. On May 23, 1950, pursuant to a joint resolution of the Congress, I proclaimed each succeeding Memorial Day as a day of prayer for permanent peace, and suggested 11 o'clock in the morning, eastern standard time, as an appropriate time for each American, according to his own religious faith, to beg Divine aid in bringing enduring peace to a troubled world.

I believe that this year enduring peace is more nearly attainable than a year ago. This is so because our strength and the strength of other free Nations has steadily grown. Our strength and determination to remain free are leading to peace.

Hines Ward and Senator Jay CostaOn this Memorial Day we should again pay tribute to the men who, by their supreme sacrifice, have helped maintain our freedom in the rugged hills of Korea and, before that, in the great wars when all mankind was threatened with enslavement. We should pay tribute to them especially because they have shown that aggression cannot pay off. They have thereby given the world a vision and a promise of lasting peace. We must not let these men down now that the goal is so nearly attainable.

I have asked before, and I ask again, that the press, radio, television, and other media of public information help unite the Nation on the morning of Memorial Day in a universal prayer for permanent peace.

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