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Senate Democrats Respond to Governor’s Politically-Motivated Budget

Senator Costa's Remarks following Gov. Corbett's Budget Address :: February 4, 2014
Click here to read transcription   |   Click here to read press release Senator Costa's Remarks following Gov. Corbett's Budget Address :: February 4, 2014

Earlier this week, the governor outlined his 2014-15 budget proposal which was woefully lacking on many levels.

February 4, 2014: Sen. Costa's interview following
February 4, 2014: Sen. Costa's interview following
Gov. Corbett's 2014-15 proposed budget

From devastating job loss, failure to address the critical need for health care, to raising minimum wage, the governor continues to ignore the needs of hard-working Pennsylvanians. 

While his last three budgets were overarchingly defined by deep cuts to education and social service programs, this year he presented a plan that is markedly different.  However, this proposal is nothing more than election-year political pandering that doesn’t move Pennsylvania forward.  Plain and simple, Pennsylvania deserves better. What the governor needs to do is stop promising and start delivering for Pennsylvania families. 

Most shocking to me is that there is nothing in this budget that creates jobs.  This will be the fourth year of failed policies that have put us as a state nearly last in the nation for new job creation.  For years, Senate Democrats have been asking the governor to focus on our job creation program, PA Works. Our PA Works plan is a multifaceted approach to job creation. It features investments in job training, manufacturing, and infrastructure through the innovative use of capital and the leveraging of state and federal dollars.

PA Works PA Works Since December, Senate Democrats have been canvassing the state talking about our budget priorities as well as our budget savings and revenue generation plan.  Our plan offers ample revenue sources to deal with our spiraling deficit while identifying resources to fund initiatives that address key issues.

Over the course of the next several weeks, my colleagues and I will take a careful look at the details of the governor’s proposal.  We will settle for nothing less than a final budget that makes the necessary investments in education, healthcare and one that will successfully grow jobs.  There is still a great deal of work to be done. Please know that as we move forward we will have the needs of you and your family at the forefront of our discussion. 

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