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Marzo 16, 2023


PITTSBURGH, PA – Today, Senator Jay Costa and Representative Joe McAndrew are proud to announce $398,265 in grant funding within their legislative districts in Multimodal Transportation Fund Grants and Statewide Local Share Account Grants through the Commonwealth Financing Authority and Department of Economic and Community Development.

“All of us deserve to travel safely on our streets and live in strong, sound communities,” said Senator Costa. “The grant funding we are announcing today will ensure that our public spaces, nonprofits, streets, intersections, and neighborhoods have the resources they need to repair what’s broken and expand what’s working. I’m so proud of all the awardees and look forward to seeing the fruits of their labor down the line.”

“The safety of our constituents is vital, and I’m proud to help support a strong local economy,” said Representative Joe McAndrew. “I appreciate working with Senator Costa who truly did a fantastic job in supporting the region with these crucial funds.”

Statewide Local Share Account Grants

Verona Borough was awarded $158,625 for a municipal vehicle and equipment purchase for use in Verona Borough, Allegheny County.

Through Oakmont Borough, Oakmont Volunteer Fire Department was awarded $100,000 to add additional space to their fire department garage, including partial demolition of the existing structure and construction of an addition to extend the length of the garage to house the new ladder fire engine.

Penn Hills Municipality was awarded $70,000 for the design of the VOPP Segment 2 Milltown Park Trail extension located in Penn Hills Municipality, including hiring an engineer to complete the design, engineering, specifications and bid documents to provide for the complete construction of this portion of the trail.

Multimodal Transportation Fund Grants

Oakmont Borough was awarded $70,000 for pedestrian improvements on Hulton Road and 9th Street in Oakmont Borough, Allegheny County.

The Multimodal Transportation Fund (MTF) provides grants to deliver a safe and reliable system of transportation that is accessible to people who call Pennsylvania home. The program offers financial assistance to municipalities, councils of governments, businesses, economic development organizations, public transportation agencies, and ports and rail freight entities to improve transportation assets that enhance communities, pedestrian safety, and transit revitalization.

Statewide Local Share Account Grants promote projects in the public interest and projects that improve the quality of life of people in their neighborhoods and communities. Eligible projects are required to be owned and maintained by an eligible applicant or a nonprofit organization.