PITTSBURGH, PA May 2, 2024 – Today, Senator Jay Costa is proud to announce $300,000 in Parent Pathways Grant funding to benefit the 43rd district.

“Parents seeking undergraduate degrees are balancing a tremendous load, from accomplishing schoolwork to raising children, and I am very proud that we are able to deliver funding to make this journey easier for our parents in college,” said Senator Costa. “I certainly hope that this funding goes a long way in preparing parents to succeed, graduate, and provide well for their families.” 

The following organizations in the 43rd district will receive grants:

  • Carlow University, $150,000
  • Community College of Allegheny County, $150,000

According to the Department of Education,

Parenting students bear significant burdens and need additional support to navigate through their academic program successfully. In December 2022, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services released a policy report (PDF) following consultations with parenting students, postsecondary institution staff, subject matter experts, various state agencies, and community leaders. The Parent Pathways Learning Network (PPLN) concentrated on addressing the necessary support for food, childcare, housing, and financial aid. The res​​u​lts underscored the importance of integrating the firsthand experiences of parenting students into statewide policymaking. Governor Shapiro, in support of these findings, allocated $1.61 million in his 2023-2024 budget to support these students.

A comprehensive list of awardees is accessible on the Department of Education’s website, along with additional information on the grant’s creation and administration.